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General Courses:

Courses offered are both day and low light (night) training. Different sessions are offered depending on students attending and skill levels. Courses are to take place every other Friday and Saturday mornings with minimum of 10 students attending. Our course lengths can depend on range availability and training requested.

(Please be aware dates are subject to change.)

Handgun Training – Our classes provide an easy way to learn and develop your handgun capabilities by focusing on the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. Shooters will gradually gain confidence with their handgun that will reflect in accuracy and decision making. RangeFit handgun training courses are designed for everyone from beginner shooters to the skilled completive gun fighters.

Rifle/Carbine Training – RangeFit rifle/carbine classes help further a shooters skill set of safely operating a rifle in combination with their handgun. We will challenge your skills on a firing line with other shooters and incorporate moving. Our rifle/carbine classes require a more advanced familiarity with their platform than a beginner shooter.

EDC/ Every day carry – Learn new techniques of carrying a firearm in a concealed capacity. These courses range from the traditional shooting range to defending yourself or loved ones while in a seated position. Carrying a firearm in public comes with heavy responsibilities and doesn’t always mean using it is your first action.

Active Shooter Consulting – RangeFit works with local businesses in active shooter scenarios and assesses soft spots in any organizations building to identify appropriate actions. We advise on precautionary steps to take to prevent and detour an active threat from occurring. RangeFit has worked with local banks and with teachers in consulting the best measures to counter an active threat.

Medical Aid – RangeFit offers hands-on training in learning and providing immediate medical care for yourself or loved ones. This includes TCCC and other first aid measures that can be applied in an active threat situation or during an unforeseen critical situation that demands a quick response by you.

Course Details and Description – All of our courses have been created to implement the current training and tactics used by first responders and their specialized units within the Law Enforcement community. Shooters are expected to use their own equipment, weapons, and gear so that a standard familiarization is built.

Instructors will vary from retired and active members of the first responder community and will be using their own knowledge learned through their many years of service to train you. Course pricing depends on the level of training, length of range time, training aids and equipment provided and can start at $85.00 an hour.

Our courses include large student classes and private lessons. Shooters should bring their own ammunition, weapon system, eye and ear protection at a minimum. Organizations can request private evaluations and assessments of site security, training of business employees, and law enforcement approach to a critical incident.

The following classes listed below are held at a three-hour minimum and take place every other Friday and Saturday mornings.

Please be aware dates are subject to change.

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship to improve your skills

  • Moving and Shooting

  • Malfunctions

  • Transitions between rifle and pistol

  • Loading your firearms

  • Active shooter scenarios / Run, Hide and Fight development

  • Physical Fitness that is functional to the shooter and environment

  • Beginner shooters working on the basics of marksmanship

  • Advanced shooters using the basics of marksmanship and adding various conditions (moving, multiple targets, shooters, vehicles)

  • Threat assessments

  • Training armed security and armed protected organizations

  • Assist organizations develop training curriculums and policies for armed guards

  • Private lessons for law enforcement preparation